Wilmar Velez, Colombia


Small-lot!  High end!  Experimental processing!

The Wilmar Velez is extra special, & with just one sip it’s easy to see why.

These coffee cherries are 100% Caturra varietal, grown 1750-1800 meters above sea level.  Once picked, they are left to ferment for 24 hours, then bagged and kept at 71F degrees to undergo lactic fermentation.

In this process, naturally occurring bacteria chomps on the carbs and sugars of the cherry fruit, resulting in a higher concentration of lactic acid and a striking flavor.  Once at the desired pH, the coffee is laid out to dry on raised beds.  The flavor structure in this coffee is creamy & fruity like a triple-berry chocolate milkshake.


Taste Notes: Cacao / Raisins / Cinnamon / Dark Berries


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