Dung K’No Honey, Vietnam


  • Tasting Notes: Hibiscus Tea, Dried Fruit, Cocoa
  • Region: Lam Dong, Central Highlands
  • Process: Honey
  • Roast: Medium

We had the opportunity to visit this area on our first sourcing trip! We visited the farm during harvest season in December 2023 and now the coffee is here in our roastery.

This offering is from the Dung K’No village located near the city of Dalat, nestled in the mountains of the Lam Dong province in the Central Highlands region in Vietnam

The farmers and their families are known as the K’Ho people, a matriarchal community and one of the many ethnic minority groups that have settled in the area. They live strongly by their traditional culture and rituals and depend heavily on coffee farming to sustain their livelihoods

Coffee cherries are transported at the end of each day from the Dung K’No village to a wet mill, where the cherries are depulped. Some mucilage is left on the seed and then the beans are set to dry under the sun on raised beds for a few days until the optimal moisture percentage is reached

Background info:
-Producer: Various Smallholder Producers
-Farm: Dung K’No village
-Elevation: 1500 MASL
-Variety: Catimor