Kanzu Lot No. 20, Rwanda


  • Tasting Notes: Maraschino Cherry, Spice, Plum
  • Region: Nyamasheke, Rwanda
  • Process: Washed
  • Roast: Medium

Farm Name: Karambi community
Elevation: 1,900 masl
Varietals: Bourbon
Producer: Various smallholder producers, Kanzu coffee station


About the Coffee:

Farmers from the Karambi community bring coffee from their 1-2 hectare plots to the Kanzu washing station for processing.

Here, the coffee cherries are floated and de-pulped.  The coffee in parchment then goes into dry fermentation for 16-18 hours before the remaining mucilage is washed off and then soaked for up to 18 hours again. Then the coffee is dried on raised beds. The wastewater from processing gets treated and becomes another water resource for the nearby community.

The Nyamasheke region encompasses a portion of the Nyungwe Forest National Park, to the south of the Kanzu washing station, and Lake Kivu, to its north.  The microclimate of the forest is ideal for coffee:  mists slow cherry maturation and provide protection from harsh changes in climate. It is also home to lush rolling hills of cassava, sweet potato, sugar cane, bananas, and beans.

This coffee’s tart sweetness of cherry & plum, rounded out with baking spices, is characteristic of a classic Rwandan coffee.  Which is why we were so excited to showcase it! We hope you enjoy.