Flores Blue Dragon, Indonesia


This Blue Dragon coffee is a rare offering from the Ngada regency of the island of Flores in Indonesia.

Coffee has been growing in Flores for 150 years.  The trees that this coffee comes from are super old (40-50 years) and super tall (20-30 feet)!  The Juria variety is a result of local hybridization, the history of which is still a mystery.  Even more mysterious, this variety results in yellow cherries!

Once the cherries are picked, they’re pulped and dried to ~25% moisture (as opposed to the normal 11-12%), and then they are hulled from the parchment.  This gives the coffee the greener flavors in the cup, such as fresh tobacco and green pepper.

Bonus info:  Komodo dragons still live in the wild on the coasts of this island!


Taste Notes:  cocoa / floral / green pepper / fresh tobacco


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